Ford e4od transmission controller

Here's three great, free alternatives : Firefox - Chrome - Opera. Introduced inthe E4OD was Ford's first electronically controlled transmission. Based on core components of the C6, this transmission was used in many light and heavy duty vehicles including the Bronco, F, F, and F While physically too large for use in most passenger cars, these transmissions are popular upgrades for older trucks and larger vehicles that were originally equipped with a 3 speed automatic.

With the addition of an overdrive, increased fuel economy and a better driving experience can be had by choosing one of these units for your project.

This transmission is also very robust, with power and torque handling capabilities especially when upgraded that make it a popular choice for diesel enthusiasts. The E4OD was produced in several different bolt patterns, which also makes it popular for a swap or upgrade. These include small block, big block series, not FEdiesel, and modular bolt patterns. The 4R was introduced as the replacement for the E4OD and was internally stronger for use in the Powerstroke Diesel trucks.

While almost identical on the exterior, not all parts are interchangeable between these two units, so care must be exercised to insure compatibility. Unlike the E4OD, these units have a dedicated output shaft speed sensor located towards the rear of the transmission. A PWM pulse-width modulated torque converter clutch solenoid was also added, first to 4Rs in diesel applications and later to all 4Rs.

Not all E4OD transmissions come with the gear machined into the output shaft to drive a cable-drive speedometer. InFord started using the differential speed sensor to run the electronic speedometer in trucks and omitted the drive gear from the output shaft. Transmissions without the gear can have the output shaft changed, but complete transmission disassembly is required since the output shaft is in the back and the transmission disassembles from the front.

It was determined to be inadequately weather-proof, allowing water to enter the connector and corrode the pins, causing electrical problems.

It is always recommended that this sensor be replaced with an updated or newer style, if it has not been already. Why US Shift? About Us. You are using an unsupported browser : Here's three great, free alternatives : Firefox - Chrome - Opera. Ford E4OD Transmission.Click here to learn more. Log in or Sign up.

Transmission Computer: Controllers - In Control

Read the timely article from Turf addressing this question. Messages: To everyone that has a 90's or newer Ford with the E4od transmission. By doing so will cook your transmission. The torque converter lock up solenoid is controlled by your brake lights. By doing that it ends up destroying your transmission! Just an FYI for you Ford owners. Messages: 9, How is this accheved? I know how a torque converter works, so how does this work?

The Ford E4OD and 4R100 Transmissions

SnoFarmerJan 20, It is the TCC lockup solenoid that is the issue. I can't go into the specifics as I am not that knowledgeable on the electrical breakdown of it.

Messages: 12, GM refers to it as "EC3" converter strategy. Last edited: Jan 20, Messages: 1, Well, good thing I don't own a ford. Messages: 3, I never would have thought of that. Good to know. DeereFarmerJan 21, Ahhh But thats the thing.

It is controlled by the brake light Circuit. Of which the hazard lights run through. Hence the problem with doing so. Good to know!Here's three great, free alternatives : Firefox - Chrome - Opera. March 25, After a long road of development, we are excited to announce that the next generation of Quick controllers is now available! The Quick6, Quick4, and Quick2 have been redesigned from the ground up, featuring an all-new circuit board design, built-in OLED display, and a graphical user interface rich with new features and fuctionality.

To learn more, click here to be taken to the Quick4's product page. US Shift transmission control systems from Baumann Electronic Controls represent the state of the art in electronic transmission control.

US Shift products are cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to use for high-performance and heavy-duty applications. US Shift products are equally well suited to the finest street rods, 8-second drag cars, off-road vehicles, high-powered diesels, motor-homes, and specialty applications. US Shift controllers feature the smallest size, most useful features, and greatest value of any transmission controller on the market. Best of all, they are proudly made in the USA.

ford e4od transmission controller

Our 18 years of transmission control experience have provided us with a working knowledge of what customers want most. Modern electronics technology and innovative design allow us to deliver the best features and performance with minimal size and cost. We believe there is no better transmission control system available at any price. Once you compare the features of US Shift to the competition, we are certain that you will agree. US Shift products are the only transmission controllers on the market with a native USB interface and free tuning software for fast and easy PC connectivity with no adapter cables.

The easy-to-use, graphical built-in tuning interface allows the most common settings to be changed without using a PC or laptop.

ford e4od transmission controller

For most users, the built-in tuning interface will be adequate to dial-in their transmission, while the ultra-fast USB interface and intuitive Windows-based tuning software will satisfy even the most advanced tuners for no extra cost.

The standard wiring harnesses are complete and require as few as three connections to produce an operating transmission. The design of US Shift controllers and wiring harnesses are optimized to simplify installation and troubleshooting. Like our intuitive tuning software, our installation manuals are straightforward, well illustrated, and easy to follow. We also have ample, experienced technical staff to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns that you may have. I contacted US Shift to see if anything was in the works and they were in the middle of Quick 6 development.

I stayed in regular contact with Jake, and one day the Quick 6 became a reality. I was offered a Beta Tester slot and I jumped at the opportunity. This turned out to be a great experience. There were a couple of hiccups at first, but Karl was right there to work through it. Once we got the initial settings worked out, I began adjusting the tune.

This time, I was able to take full advantage of the Quick 6 software no constant-pressure valve-body. It was very easy to navigate and any questions I had were immediately answered. I spent a lot of time perfecting the programming to my liking. I wanted to thank you all for your amazing product. I finally finished my truck.

The shifts are perfect. Could not ask for a better product. The use of a Laptop makes the shift points even better. Thanks again. I purchased a Quick 4 transmission controller to replace the [competitor's] controller in my Chevelle. I had been running the [competitor's] unit for several years and it worked OK, but was a royal pain to program and did not offer multiple tables like the Quick 4 does. My wife was not fond of riding in my Chevelle because it shifted so hard, which was what I wanted.

The Quick 4 allows me to have a shifting profile for the wife, one for me, and an additional two to use for whatever.The MicroSquirt transmission control firmware allows you to use a MicroSquirt to control a number of electronic automatic transmissions gearboxes. The supplied 4L80E subharness provides a simple, plug and play integration with MS3Pro and directly mates with The supplied 4L60E subharness provides a simple, plug and play integration with MS3-Pro and directly mates with Harness Only.

Optional automatic transmission control using our MicroSquirt transmission controller sold separately.

ford e4od transmission controller

This connector includes most of the connections for the shift solenoids, pressure regulator, tempe This package includes all the wiring normally included with the Microsquirt on its own for customers who happen to need a spare or replacement harness. Have an application with a lot of small solenoids that need 12V power and rapid switching? Don't want the expense of a bank of four separate solid state relays, each rated for five times the current each solenoid needs? This module lets you run up to four Tune it right.

Tune it for less. Tune it Yourself. Website built by Creative Combustion. Hi, Guest! Welcome Guest Login Register. Add to cart. Read more. Sign-up Now. Keep up with us. Create a new list.Call or text from 7am-5pm Pacific. For E4OD and 4R automatics. Produces smooth, firm, light-throttle shifts and solid, decisive heavy-load shifts. Eliminates excessive clutch slippage. TransCommand is an automatic-transmission-management computer that delivers functions that no single module can. The E4ODs and 4Rs - used in full-sized Ford trucks and vans since - have soft, car-like shift characteristics.

Many truck owners prefer firmer shifts, especially when hauling large loads. TransCommand is the quick, efficient cure. The electronic module senses the load and commands the transmission to raise the hydraulic pressure accordingly. Light-throttle shifts are smooth and firm, while full-throttle or heavy-load driving produces solid, decisive shifts. Excessive clutch slippage is eliminated, extending transmission life.

Built with high-temp, solid-state components. Easy to install. Excludes new products and oversized packages. Offer valid on select products, some exceptions apply. Visit: www. Some exclusions apply, call for details. Ground Shipping to 48 States, call for details. Home - Return to Previous Page. SKU: Extends transmission life. For E4OD automatic transmission. Qty :.

Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Documents Owners Manual, Transcommand. Package Dimensions: W5. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Web Shop Manager. Need Help? Become a Dealer. Sign In or Create an Account.Designed to create a more decisive shift for your PowerStroke's transmission, the TransCommand from Banks Power is a transmission module like no other.

Available for both the E4OD and 4R automatic No Salesmen, Just Enthusiasts Reviews may be edited for spelling or grammar inaccuracies and those containing profanity will be removed. This is not a stand alone unit, it works in conjunction with the oem wiring and components.

Banks Power TransCommand 7. Quantity: 0. Search Cart 0. Starting At. Write A Review. Will This Fit Your Rig? Add To Cart Wish List. Description Designed to create a more decisive shift for your PowerStroke's transmission, the TransCommand from Banks Power is a transmission module like no other.

Transmission Controller

Description Blog Posts. Available for both the E4OD and 4R automatic transmissions, this module eliminates the characteristic soft, car like shift and replaces it with a firmer shift. The electronic module senses your load and alerts the transmission to raise the hydraulic pressure accordingly. Your light throttle shifts will remain smooth and firm, while full-throttle or heavy-load driving will produce a sold, decisive shift.

The module also works to eliminate excessive clutch slippage. Upgrade to the TransCommand and enjoy a longer lasting and better performing transmission in your PowerStroke's.

Built with high-temp, solid state components, the module has a quick, easy install that will have you on the road in no time. Blog Posts.With stand-alone control of electronically controlled overdrive automatics, it's easier to dial in accurate upshifts, and you can just stab the throttle, steer it, and the trans will do the rest.

The performance world is changing. While power remains almighty, the new world is all about how to get that power to the tires. The best way to control an automatic transmission is to use one of the new, electronically controlled overdrive gearboxes Transmission Computer. But swapping one of these newer transmission computer e-trannies into an older muscle car requires some type of aftermarket, stand-alone transmission controller.

The only way to know for sure was to put them to the test. We gathered five different transmission computer controllers and subjected them to a real-world flogging on a big-block street car to see if each could do the job. All the controllers perform the same basic functions, allowing you to custom-tailor shift points both at part- and wide-open throttle, as well as shift firmness at various throttle openings.

How specifically each box accomplishes these tasks and how easy it is to effect changes are the key questions. Perhaps the most important differentiation for the average enthusiast is whether the box requires a laptop computer or relies on a hand-held device with analog controls.

The best way to test these controllers was to bolt them all in the same car and evaluate their performance. Car Craft family member Ed Taylor recently purchased a '70 Nova that had been languishing in front of Ken Duttweiler's shop for several years.

We power-washed the grease left behind by the previous turbo Buick V6 and bolted in a Holley, carbureted, ci big-block Chevy.

ford e4od transmission controller

You might recall the "Rat" as the dyno mule we whipped mercilessly for a big-block oval-port-head test in our Mar. We stuffed the 4L80E into the car using a TCI flexplate and a inch lockup Street Fighter torque converter along with a very nice custom aluminum crossmember from American Powertrain and a Dynatech aluminum driveshaft, and the big pieces were in place.

Of course, it took more than just a motor and trans to turn this orphan into a road warrior. Other goodies we wanted for the buildup included a new pair of bucket seats from Scat to replace the aged originals and a new set of Toyo Proxes R sticky inch tires obtained through our pals at TreadSource and mounted on lightweight RT-S Weld wheels. With the big-block squeezed in, there was no room for a mechanical fan, so we opted for a pair of electric fans from Maradyne mounted to a killer Afco aluminum radiator.

That combination worked to prevent the engine temp from exceeding degrees F. We also added a set of Wilwood front disc brakes because the Rat promised enough power to demand equal stopping performance.

For the intake, we needed a hp Holley to feed the Rat, and for the exhaust side a pair of Hedman 2-inch headers snaked around the stock manual steering box.

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